As Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has been an outspoken advocate for policies that drive economic growth, create jobs, and spur innovation.


Getting Back to Work

As Governor, Dan Forest will rebuild our economy, retrain our workforce for the new economy, launch an aggressive apprenticeship initiative, recruit high-paying industries to North Carolina, and put our people back to work.

With more than 1 million North Carolinians out of a job, we need to quickly get our state back to work and repair the damage to our economy. Every hard-working North Carolinian that wants a good job should be able to find one. Repairing livelihoods is critical to the health of our state.

We need to make sure that all parts of our state have the infrastructure needed to land job opportunities and that people have the training and skills needed to fill them. North Carolina needs a long-term vision to move forward, a plan to achieve this vision, and a new team of leaders to make it happen.

Putting Students First

For too long, our education system has prioritized the system over the student. Parents know their children better than the government and they know what type of education is best for them. Every child deserves an excellent education regardless of what ZIP code they live in.

Using technology, our schools need to move toward mastery-based learning where students are equipped with customized curriculum and are allowed to move faster or slower depending on their learning style and ability.

Right now, our schools must be open. Virtual school plans don’t work for parents with jobs. As Governor, I will ensure every family has the option to send their child to the classroom full-time.

Our schools also must be secured. Today, roughly half of North Carolina schools are without school resource officers. As Governor, I will put an armed security officer in every school.

Restoring Law and Order

The government’s first priority should be the security of the people. We are watching murder rates climb in our major metropolitan areas. We must keep violent criminals off our streets and behind bars where they belong.

Local sheriffs should be cooperating with federal agencies like ICE to keep violent, illegal criminals from being arbitrarily released back into our communities.

Recently, our state has been hit by riots in our urban areas. Our police officers need to be able to do their jobs and protect vulnerable citizens and neighborhoods. When these acts of violence happen, it is always the low-income neighborhoods that suffer the most. As Governor, I will not hesitate to activate the National Guard to protect lives, livelihoods, and communities.

When I am Governor, I will never march with those chanting “defund the police”, I will always DEFEND the police. I am proud to BACK the BLUE and have the endorsement of the NC Trooper’s Association, NC Sheriff Police Alliance, and bipartisan support from over 53 North Carolina sheriffs.

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