N&O: “NC unemployment delays have been a disaster. Own it, Gov. Cooper”

The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer published an editorial today criticizing Gov. Roy Cooper for side-stepping responsibility for massive problems in North Carolina’s unemployment office. The newspapers urge Gov. Cooper to take the blame and step up to fix it.

From the article: “Roy Cooper said he knows N.C. families need help and doesn’t think the state unemployment office has done enough. ‘I am pushing them to move faster,’ the governor said. That’s a little too close to blame-shifting for North Carolinians who desperately need their benefits. The governor needs to own this problem, address it, and fix it.

The editorial also faults Gov. Cooper for failing to disclose more information on what the state is doing to fix the problems with the Department of Employment Security, which handles unemployment claims.

From the article: “Cooper has a crisis within a crisis with the mess at DES, and he needs to do more than tell officials to move faster. He should explain regularly to North Carolinians how his administration is taking the lead in addressing the claims backlog, and how it’s going to provide staff who can meaningfully help the tens of thousands of people calling with questions each day. This is an unprecedented problem, but not one that was unanticipated. The governor needs to own it, now.”

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