“Our country has met great challenges before, and we are always stronger on the other end.”


 Dan Forest on the Issues

Defending the Second Amendment

Dan Forest believes the Second Amendment secures all the rights enshrined in our Constitution. He stands with the North Carolina counties that are affirming our right to keep and bear arms.

When he is Governor, this right will never be in jeopardy in our state.

Dan Forest is proudly endorsed by:

  • NRA
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Grassroots North Carolina

Defending Life

Dan Forest believes we have a human dignity problem in America. He believes in the dignity of all life — the newborn, the unborn, the elderly, the orphaned, and the disabled. He is proud to be pro-life, affirming that all people are created in the image of God and all people deserve the same protection.

Dan Forest is proudly endorsed by:

  • National Right to Life
  • Susan B. Anthony List
  • FRC Action
  • NC Values Coalition

Combating Illegal Immigration

There is a distinct difference between immigration and illegal immigration.  We need a system in place that makes it easier for legal immigrants, and businesses in need of workers, to navigate a guest worker program. A nation that can’t protect its borders isn’t much of a nation at all. In North Carolina, a handful of Democrat sheriffs are allowing dangerous, criminal, unlawful illegal aliens to be released back into our communities — putting our families in danger.

As Governor, Dan Forest will uphold the law and work with our law enforcement to keep you and your family safe.

Raising Teacher Pay

Dan Forest has championed higher teacher pay since elected. The Republican General Assembly has done a great job providing raises over the past six years and will continue to do so. No other state in the country has addressed teacher pay six years in a row. Average teacher pay in NC is now $58,000 and the average compensation is $78,000. Another pay raise was in the budget that the Governor wouldn’t sign.

Improving Healthcare

As Governor, Dan Forest will focus on providing better healthcare access for patients by incentivizing doctors to practice in our rural communities. He’ll work with the General Assembly and the State Treasurer to ensure more price transparency so citizens know how much prescription drugs and vital health services cost. And he’ll fight to get those left in the coverage gap created by the Affordable Care Act on affordable private insurance.

Ending Human Trafficking

Dan Forest is a leader in our state’s fight against human trafficking. As Lt. Governor, he championed legislation that protects vulnerable women and children and gives harsher penalties to those guilty of engaging in human trafficking. This legislation:

  • Quadrupled jail time for convicted traffickers.
  • Provided training to health care workers to identify victims.
  • Expanded the jurisdiction of the SBI in trafficking cases.
  • Required the posting of human trafficking awareness signs in public places to display the national hotline.

In 2019, the Lt. Governor’s work to combat human trafficking was formally recognized by the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission and the Safe House Project. As Governor, Dan will continue to build on these achievements to ensure our women and children are kept safe.

Protecting Free Speech

Dan Forest believes that the First Amendment protections of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition are key to making America great.

He championed a law that extends this commitment to college campuses in our state, ensuring that all students are free to speak their minds without fear of violence or retribution.

Improving Coastal Fishing 

When Dan Forest is Governor, he will work together with every stakeholder in coastal fishing and will build a consensus that has been lacking over the last decades. That is what a leader does.

We will work together to solve the issues that have torn apart commercial, recreational, and charter fishers. We will have a thriving and profitable commercial fishing industry. We will have the best recreational fishing environment on the east coast.  Our charter fishermen will have record profits.

We will start by totally revamping the Marine Fisheries Commission and ensuring that there is equal geographic representation on the Commission and equal interest representation — including commercial, recreational, and charter fishing interests. Consensus will become not only a goal but a reality when the new Marine Fisheries Commission begins its work.

North Carolina has some of the best coastal fishery resources in the country, and by building consensus — where everyone has a seat at the table — we will make coastal fishing in North Carolina great again.

Protect the Elderly in Nursing Homes

North Carolina’s nursing home residents make up less than 1% of our state’s population, but more than 50% of the deaths from COVID-19. This simply didn’t have to happen. While other states took extraordinary steps to help this vulnerable population, Gov. Cooper did nothing to protect them. As Governor, Dan Forest will put the health and safety of our most vulnerable first. Instead of rushing to close bars, gyms, and restaurants, he will put our efforts where they will matter most.