This Election Will Be About One Thing — Jobs

I started my campaign for Governor before coronavirus arrived in North Carolina and upended our lives. But what we’ve seen over the past few weeks perfectly illustrates why I decided to run.

I’m running for Governor because I’m tired of a government that picks winners and losers. I’m tired of getting news every day of another business that is permanently closing its doors. We need a Governor who’s focused on how to get the people of North Carolina back to work, not on deciding who has to stay shut down.

I’m running for Governor because I’m tired of leaders who believe they alone have the answers and wield their power to force that view. We need a Governor who believes in the people of North Carolina, who trusts the people of North Carolina and understands that we’re here to support them, not control them.

I’m running for Governor because I’m tired of politicians who pass the buck, point fingers and cast blame. Slogans don’t get things done. We need leaders who hold themselves accountable and accept responsibility for what they have the power to fix.

We have more than 1 million North Carolinians out of work right now. This election is about one thing: Who can rebuild our economy and bring back jobs. You must ask yourself: Can we do this by re-electing politicians who want to keep us in a state of confusion and fear? Or do we need a new vision, a strong plan and the right team to move us forward?

Elections have consequences. That’s never been more clear than it is this year.

—Lt. Governor Dan Forest