Dan Forest launches campaign for Governor of North Carolina with message of unity, opportunity, possibility

Dan Forest launches campaign for Governor of North Carolina with message of unity, opportunity, possibility

Pledges to run uplifting campaign touching all 100 counties

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest formally launched his 2020 campaign for Governor of North Carolina on Saturday with an energetic kickoff rally in Winston-Salem.

In front of a crowd of supporters, Forest laid out the themes that will define his run: unity, opportunity and possibility.

Unity, Forest said, means lifting people up and embracing shared North Carolina values like hard work, family and human dignity. It also means rejecting identity politics that seek to divide people and inflame public discourse, he said.

Opportunity focuses on education and the economy. Educational opportunity starts with putting students first, from offering families the ability to choose the school environment that works for them to empowering excellent teachers and principals within a nimble educational system.

Economic opportunity begins with recognizing that capitalism, despite its flaws, is the best engine for alleviating poverty and creating prosperity, Forest said. He emphasized continuing to build a stronger tax system and investing in the state’s infrastructure.

Possibility means escaping the trap of fighting yesterday’s battles and instead setting a vision for the future, Forest said. That includes putting together the right team to pursue burgeoning industries like aerospace for North Carolina.

Forest also used Saturday’s rally to make a pledge to the state of North Carolina as he starts his campaign. His promises include:

  • Appealing to aspirations, not fears.
  • Travel to all 100 counties.
  • Communicating directly to the people.
  • Refusing to engage in divisive, negative campaigning or character assassination.

About Dan Forest

Dan Forest left behind a successful career as an architect to pursue a calling to serve the people of North Carolina. In November 2012, Dan was elected lieutenant governor of North Carolina, becoming only the second Republican elected to the office since 1897. In 2016, he became the first to ever be re-elected.

In office, Dan has continually advocated for policies that drive economic growth, create jobs and spur innovation. He has become a leader in the school choice movement as a way to help children succeed regardless of their ZIP code. Dan also spearheaded an initiative to connect every classroom in North Carolina with high-speed internet, and championed a bill to preserve free speech rights on public college campuses — the first bill of its kind in the United States.

Dan lives in Raleigh with his wife, Alice, and his four children.