Dan Forest Asks North Carolinians to Remember Neighbors

As our state prepares to deal with COVID-19, Lt. Governor Dan Forest sent the following message to the people of North Carolina on Saturday:

“We should all be thankful today that we live in the greatest country in the world. We should be even more thankful that we live in a great state like North Carolina.

As we navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic, I am personally thankful for all the brilliant people in our country that are working to address the situation.  I believe our state and federal leaders are doing all they can to address the challenge, and they will continue to do so.

We have a long track record in The United States: When the going gets tough, the American people rise to the occasion to help their neighbors next door and those in faraway lands.

Now is the perfect time for all of us, not just the government, to ensure we are helping those in need, especially those most vulnerable to Coronavirus – the elderly, and those whose immune systems have been compromised.

As people begin to hunker down over the next few weeks, remember who your neighbors are: our seniors, those with no family, those who may have lost a job and are struggling to make ends meet, those who may not have access to transportation, and of course, those who are lonely and depressed.

Our country has met great challenges before, and we are always stronger on the other end.

This challenge called Coronavirus is no different.  We will get through this, but how we go through it matters. This is not a time for anxiety, fear or blame; this is a time to pull together, love our neighbors and show the world what makes us the greatest country in the world: our people.”