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Dan Forest Asks North Carolinians to Remember Neighbors

As our state prepares to deal with COVID-19, Lt. Governor Dan Forest sent the following message to the people of North Carolina on Saturday: “We should all be thankful today that we live in the greatest country in the world. We should be even more thankful that we live in a great state like North Carolina. As we navigate through

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Creating an Education System That Puts Students First

Over the past decade, North Carolina has made tremendous progress in education. Teacher pay has climbed from among the lowest in the country to become a leader in the Southeast. The number of charter schools has doubled, giving more choices to parents seeking the best education for their children. Still, there is more progress to be made. The most vital:

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Making North Carolina the Nation’s No. 1 Military-Friendly State

North Carolina is home to nearly 100,000 active duty military members, 670,000 veterans and vital military bases that deploy troops around the world:  The Army’s Fort Bragg The Marines’ Camp Lejeune and Air Station Cherry Point Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The Coast Guard’s Base Support Unit Elizabeth City. Numerous National Guard facilities across the state We must ask ourselves:

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