Meet Dan Forest:
Father. Husband. Businessman. Principled Conservative.

“I believe in North Carolina, its people and their values.”

Dan grew up in Charlotte and graduated from the College of Architecture at UNC Charlotte. He then began a two-decade career as an architect and businessman, ultimately becoming an office president and senior partner in the state’s largest architecture firm.

Dan left behind that successful career in 2012 to pursue a calling to serve the people of North Carolina. That November, Dan was elected lieutenant governor of North Carolina, becoming only the second Republican elected to the office since 1897. In 2016, he became the first to ever be re-elected.

In office, Dan has continually advocated for policies that drive economic growth, create jobs and spur innovation. He has become a leader in the school choice movement as a way to help children succeed regardless of their ZIP code. Dan also spearheaded an initiative to connect every classroom in North Carolina with high-speed internet, and championed a bill to preserve free speech rights on public college campuses — the first bill of its kind in the United States.

As lieutenant governor, Dan also presides over the N.C. Senate and sits on the State Board of Education and State Board of Community Colleges.

Dan lives in Wake County with his wife, Alice. He is the founder and former president of the faith-based Triangle Leadership Forum and a regular volunteer at the Durham Rescue Mission.